photo 1911757_706536992731506_177491842_n.jpg Welcome to my blog. Fashion Design student Studying at Teko in Denmark. #20 Romanian in Spain, but studying in Denmark for a little way What does fashion mean for me? No name, no shape, no color! Just a heart in trend !

"I think there is beauty in everything. "


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Anonymous: In this time I wached the Twilight movies then now I see your picture on your twitter and i think you little bit look like Rosalie. same characteristic facial and beauty face.uhm. btw i dnt know why i share this w/ u :D

ha ha !! That´s crazy !!! I dont like Twilight so I only saw 10 minutes from the first movie. Actually I have no idea who is Rosalie, but I will have a look on google. Thank uuu !xxx